Artificial Hair

Artificial Hair

Wigs are simply an amazing invention of humanity because they allow us to do so many things with the way we look. They serve so many different purposes that we simply cannot function without artificial hair. Psychologists have debated over the topic that wigs allow us to express ourselves in a special way and that the desire to wear them is a deep psychological thing.

We are not going to try and discuss this part of the matter as it is just a little too serious. Instead we will talk about some of applications of wigs. Throughout the centuries mainly rich people and aristocrats wore artificial hair. The point was to look as sharp as possible. Of course their perception of sharp at that time really meant pompous. City officials such as mayors and judges also wore wigs as part of their uniforms. You will notice them on portraits and pictures. Young people nowadays might find these images a little funny and absurd. They show grown men with huge long curly hairs with all the rolls and tresses. During these times this was considered to be exceptionally formal and important people simply had to wear them. In reality they were probably all bald and funny looking but we will never know.

Nowadays people with health problems also benefit greatly from wigs. In fact companies pay good money for real hair. If yours is long and with an interesting colour such as blond or grey, they will give you a nice sum if you are willing to part ways with your hair. The crafters dealing with making wigs are simply too good. You will hardly be able to tell the difference between an artificial piece and a real hair. While mostly women with hair loss seek getting a wig, there are plenty of men who also could use one. Baldness is a serious problem mainly from a cosmetic standpoint. We simply do not want to look ugly.

Artificial HairAs technology progresses, however, men have found another way of permanently defeating baldness. We quickly found out that lotions and other substances will not get our hair back. A surgical intervention is required and now it is as affordable as ever. Hair transplant is a real thing and it has excellent results. Thanks to it, fewer wigs will be needed in the future. The procedure basically allows a doctor to take hair from parts of your body where it grows abundantly. They then insert these roots onto your scalp. In a few months you are even able to grow your hair back. This is amazing and is perhaps the next step in our battle with hair loss.

Let’s not skip festivities and fun. People of all ages spend good money on wigs to wear on Halloween or other holidays. We want not only to look as scary as possible but also as authentic as possible. This leads us to buying hair pieces which we will perhaps wear just once in our lifetime. Anyway, it is just another application of wigs.