Handyman Skills We All Need to Learn

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Moving out from your parents’ home or buying your very own house are both very existing stages of a person’s life. You almost feel as if you can do anything and conquer any challenge that crosses your path. And then something in your home breaks and you understand that the power and invincibility that you thought you possessed disappeared into turn air. Having to fix, install or replace something in your house can be a difficult or even an impossible task if you don’t have basic handyman skills. That is namely why learning a thing or two about how to use a hammer or how to install a bookshelf is something you should consider doing. The perks of being handy Knowing how to fix basic stuff around the house is very important for every self-respected homeowner, landlord and house flipper. Being handy with tools will allow you to cut down…

Three amazing hair salons in the English capital


London capital is a global fashion centre, which is why it is home to some of the best hair salons in the United Kingdom. If you have recently moved to the British capital and you are looking to get a fresh haircut to commence your new life with, here are a few establishments that you should consider. Blade Soho Situated in the world famous district of Soho, Blade Soho is a hair salon like no other. Founder Julia wanted to create a unique environment where people can chill and have a good time while they are getting a new haircut. Therefore, if you enjoy tasty cocktails, Netflix shows and a friendly staff, then this amazing establishment is the right place for you. Richard Ward Richard War is one of the most acclaimed hair salons not only in London but also in Europe. Some of its most notable clients are Pippa…

How Dirty are the Home Appliances You are Using


Most people assume that their home is like a clean haven which is free of any dangerous germs and microorganisms. The truth, however, is quite different. There are thousands of bacteria living in your house. On the bright side, many of them are not a great threat to your health. On the downside, very few of them are living in areas in your home which are traditionally viewed as dirty like the toilet seat or your bathroom in general. So where are those bad germs and viruses hiding? The answer may shock you – in the kitchen. Kitchen as a Hotspot for Bacteria According to scientists, the surface of a toilet seat in an average home is much cleaner compared to the countertops in the kitchen, for example. But how is that even possible? Well, it turns out that there are two main reasons for that. The first is that…

A guide to buying the right wig

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There are tons of stores around London offering wigs, and the online market is more than vast too. You have already decided that you want to buy a wig, but you are faced with the challenge of picking up the right one for you. Have no fear, we are here to help you. Easy steps to choosing the right wig for you Here are some useful tips that you might help you a lot during your search: First and foremost, before you start looking you should decide whether you want your wig to be made out of synthetic material or human hair. Human hair ones usually offer more variety in styles, while a synthetic wig is traditionally considered to have better value for money, especially when wearing it short term. Depending on your lifestyle, you might need a wig that takes minimal time to place and style on your head….

Fashionable places around London

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The English capital is definitely one of the grandest cities in the world. There is little to no doubt that here one can find everything they are interested in – from reputable wig stores to sporting events and tourist attractions, fine-dining restaurants and cosy pubs. London definitely has something to offer to anyone. If you are a fan of the classy, fashionable places, or even locations that have become part of the culture and history of London, you will surely find our offers here pretty attractive. Go to the theatre – in the West End There is no classier place to try out your new evening gown – and why not, a wig – than at a play staged in one of the West End theatres. The West End is famous for being the most important location for the dramatic arts in the world, rivalled only by New York’s Broadway….

The Five Best Gastro Pubs in England

If there is something better than the traditional English pub, where you can enjoy having a pint of beer with friends and family, it is the gastro pub – a relatively new invention, where the art of beer drinking mixes with the art of cooking into a match made in heaven. There are dozens of gastro pubs all over the UK. There have become the preferred place for a night out not only for people living around them but also to visitors to the respective cities and international tourists. The gastro pub, in many respects, combines all that is good about Britain, as well as the very essence of the English spirit. The prestigious Best 50 Gastro Pubs in England competition was sponsored by Estella Damm and the award is one of the most respected in the industry. The decision which the best gastro pubs in the country are is…

Artificial Hair

Artificial Hair

Wigs are simply an amazing invention of humanity because they allow us to do so many things with the way we look. They serve so many different purposes that we simply cannot function without artificial hair. Psychologists have debated over the topic that wigs allow us to express ourselves in a special way and that the desire to wear them is a deep psychological thing. We are not going to try and discuss this part of the matter as it is just a little too serious. Instead we will talk about some of applications of wigs. Throughout the centuries mainly rich people and aristocrats wore artificial hair. The point was to look as sharp as possible. Of course their perception of sharp at that time really meant pompous. City officials such as mayors and judges also wore wigs as part of their uniforms. You will notice them on portraits and…

Behind the Curtains of Moving House

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Regardless of whether you are planning to move into a new home soon or not, keeping an eye on the moving house trends is never a bad idea. By doing so, you will easily get a glimpse behind the curtains of the rapidly-growing domestic removal industry and you will be able to make well-informed decisions the next time you have to move out of your current house. Of course, the moving house trends are constantly changing, but there are some tendencies that are likely to stay strong over the next few years and possibly even reach a whole new level in the United Kingdom. Moving House in a Lifetime You might be surprised to learn that Britons are constantly on the move and enjoy changing their living environment every now and then. In fact, people in the United Kingdom face their first house moving experience before they turn 18 years…

Pioneers of Wigs

Qeeun Elisabeth I

Fashion always changes (or never does, depending on the point of view). Wigs have been around for as long as we can remember and have suffer tremendous rises and dreadful falls in their popularity. From being extremely often encountered in the ancient world they fell into disuse after the barbarian invasions (and the lack of refinement that followed), only to be reinstated by these monarchs: Elisabeth I One of the most avid users of wigs since the Roman times, it was she who put them back in fashion in the British isles. From vanity in her early years (she wore wigs matching with her dresses) to a means of maintaining her youth, this Queen was responsible for saving the wig in its darkest hour. The virgin Queen was certainly one of the most interesting rulers of England. Succeeding Henry VIII, she managed to save the country from catastrophes numerous times….

Are wigs fashion or necessity?

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People from all ages and genders use wigs to express their personality, to make a change in their appearance or turn into someone else. There are so many different parties and occasions where you can dress up and put a wig on. But you can wear a peruke on every other day because contemporary wigs are made to replace your own hair if you don’t want to damage it. For example if you are a lady with very thin and straight hair but you dream for the best curls in the world you don’t have to damage your hair every day. Today there are human hair wigs and synthetic fiber ones, which you can buy from everywhere. Of course wigs require some cares but not expensive products and hot tools. Colourful celebrations Probably the best occasion for which you will need a wig is Halloween. A great variety of cosplay…